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What is The Best Cockroach Killer

Cockroaches must be one of the most horrid, filthy pests you could have around your home. They will come foraging for food and leave behind not only a fowl odor but dangerous pathogenic bacterium – microbes which can spread illness and disease to humans.

There are a vast number of cockroach killer products available but non of them make the task of eradicating cockroaches any easier in the long term, without addressing the source of the infestation the cockroaches will keep coming back. Some of the most popular roach killer products are roach bait, gel bait, roach sprays, roach killer powder and boric acid.

There are even electronic cockroach repellants available which are ideal for use as control products once you get rid of roaches from your home.

It is an established fact that cockroaches like to hide out in warm, moist areas making the kitchen the ideal spot – giving them constant access to a supply of food and water. However, the kitchen is used to store and prepare food so the types of cockroach killer products used must be chosen carefully and kept will out of the reach of children and pets.

Before you begin with various types of chemicals the first thing you should do is to remove all possible food and moisture sources.

This is simple enough to do and involves nothing more than hot soapy water and elbow grease! Scrub out kitchen cupboards, behind and beneath stoves, fridges, freezers etc. removing all trace of food debris and grease deposits. If the roaches actually get inside the casing of electrical items you may have to dispose of them and buy new.

Secondly don’t leave food lying on work tops or on the stove uncovered, make sure everything is in tightly sealed containers – even pet food!

Lastly make sure that your sink in clean and free from dirty crockery and standing water.

Ensure that your garbage is kept in a receptacle with a tightly fitting lid and remove it from the house regularly (does your outside garbage bin have a lid? Get one!)

Keep on top of cleaning and laundry (they will invade your laundry basket too given the chance!) is a simple way to control the infestation

So what are your options for the best roach killer products?

As I pointed out earlier there are many different types of products available the main ingredients of them are various chemicals and acids such as pyrethrin, hydramethylnon, and ipronil. However, many people I know have treated with boric acid which definitely does kill roaches.

The one disadvantage of boric acid when used in roach control is it that it can take quite some time for the results of your efforts to become apparent.

Firstly it is important before you begin mixing lethal feeds for these pests that you find out where their nest is located. This is usually fairly close to a moisture source. A good way to do this is using a glue trap or two. Place these in areas where you suspect the largest concentrations to be – if you are right your glue trap will be full and you can begin the next stage.

Boric acid can be used to kill cockroaches in one of two ways;

1. Using it in powder form – usually sold under the brand name borax. Sprinkle this powder around cracks and crevices, behind white goods in the kitchen, along baseboards. Hopefully the cockroaches will then come out for their nightly feast and wander through the powder. The powder will penetrate their exoskeleton eating away the waxy coating which helps retain moisture within their bodies and will essentially dehydrate them. However, they will also carry the boric acid powder back to the nest on their feet and antenna where it will eventually the whole colony will suffer a similar fate. When a female roach who is carrying an egg casing dies she will drop the casing and the young will also be killed by the boric acid.

2. Secondly, the boric acid can be fed to the cockroaches – we all know how they love to scavenge for food well all you have to do is make your own killer bait. Mix one part boric acid with two parts flour and one part a sweet food product such as sugar or cocoa to attract the roaches. Smear this mixture on pieces of cardboard or something similar to make your own little bait stations and wait – make sure you keep kids and pets way from these!. Replace the bait regularly and over time the roaches will take this poisoned food back to the nest and feed it to other family members. One important thing is getting the mixture right – too strong you will kill the roach before it can return to the nest too weak and it won’t have the desired effect.

The cockroaches never build an immunity to boric acid unlike some other chemical treatments which is probably why the effectiveness of boric acid is so widely trusted in the fight to kill roaches.

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