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Home Pest Control

No one wants to have pests such as ants, cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents like rats or mice in their home. Such problems can cause a lot of anxiety not to mention discomfort and illness.

Pest control in the home can be expensive particularly if your infestation of pests is large and you need professional exterminators to get rid of them for you. If you catch an infestation early it may not be quite as expensive but very time consuming to deal with it yourself.

This site looks at the different types of pests which can infest homes and businesses and gives help and advice on how to deal with and prevent infestations using many different treatments – natural and chemical, professional and do-it-yourself.

Pest Control Categories

Ants – Ants are a common pest around the world and can in some cases cause severe damage to homes and property. While they do not spread disease they can be destructive if not controlled.

Bed Bugs – Although bed bugs do not carry any infectious diseases they can leave very irritating and itchy bites. Due to their resistance to pesticides over the last few years their numbers have been on the increase worldwide.

Bees – Usually bees do not cause any problems but if they get into your home or near your property you will want them removed.

Carpet Beetles – A small pest that can cause a lot of damage to carpets, natural fibres and materials if not treated.

Cockroaches – These pests spread disease and illness by leaving microbes on the surfaces they walk over, so need to gotten rid of to prevent that.

Flea pest control – Getting rid of these itchy little pests is a must as they can spread more hazardous diseases and they leave very irritating bites.

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